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Sicarian Ruststalkers/ Infiltrators

Sicarian Ruststalkers/ Infiltrators

Games Workshop

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This 117 component multi-part plastic kit contains all the parts necessary to build five Sicarian Ruststalkers or five Sicarian Infiltrators. 

The Sicarian Infiltrators have two weapon options each with ten sets of stubcarbine and power sword, or ten sets of taser goad and flechette blaster provided. Their princeps carries a stubcarbine and power sword, and an infoslave skull.

The Sicarian Ruststalker can have an array of armament options with two transonic blades each, or they can be equiped with a chordclaw, transonic razor and grenade pack. Their princeps comes with a prehensile dataspike.

Contains five 40mm round bases.

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