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Kastelan Robots

Kastelan Robots

Games Workshop

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This ninety-five component multi-part plastic kit contains everything you need to make two Kastelan Robots and one Cybernetica Datasmith.

The Kastelan Robots can be armed with power fists, twin-linked phosphor blasters and a choice of carapace-mounted weaponry either a incendine combustor or a phosphor blaster.

The Cybernetica Datasmith is armed with a gamma pistol, dataspike and a servo arm assembly featuring a rivet gun. A prehensile socket drill allows him to reprogram the Kastelan Robots on-the-fly. There is also a choice of two heads.

The Kastelan Robots are supplied with two Citadel 60mm round bases, and the Cybernetica Datasmith includes one Citadel 32mm round base.

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