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Blackstone Fortress

Blackstone Fortress

Games Workshop

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The Blackstone fortresses are an iconic structure in Warhammer 40,000, most of them were destroyed after the 13th Black Crusade and the destruction of Cadia. Yet from the edges of the galaxy a new Fortress has emerged.

Will you plunder its depths and loot all its knowledge and wealth? Or will you join the piles of bones in its forgotten caverns?

Included in the box:


44 push-fit Citadel miniatures are included in Blackstone Fortress, on pre-coloured plastic sprues

  • 9 Explorers in red plastic
    • Janus Draik, Rogue Trader
    • Taddeus the Purifier, Ministorum Priest
    • Espern Locarno, Imperial Navigator
    • Pious Vorne, Missionary Zealot
    • UR-025, Imperial Robot
    • Dahyak Grekh, Kroot Tracker
    • Amallyn Shadowguide, Asuryani Ranger
    • Ratling Twins, Rein and Raus
  • 35 Hostiles in grey plastic
    • Obsidius Mallex, Chaos Lord
    • 2 Chaos Space Marines
    • 4 Chaos Beastmen
    • 4 Ur-Ghuls
    • 4 Negavolt Cultists
    • 2 Rogue Psykers
    • 4 Spindle Drones
    • 14 Traitor Guardsmen.

The box also contains 5 booklets full of rules, background, construction guides for the miniatures and everything you need to set up and play a game of Blackstone Fortress

  • 40 double-sided board tiles
  • 234 gaming cards
  • 9 Stasis Chambers
  • A Databank
  • A Hidden Vault
  • 70 markers

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