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Blood Angels Terminator Assault Squad

Blood Angels Terminator Assault Squad

Games Workshop

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This box contains a 76-piece kit which has everything you need to field a 5 man Blood Angels Terminator Assault Squad armed with either lightning claws or thunder hammer and storm shield.

There are 5 pairs of Lightning Claws,which have matching details on the gauntlets. While each thunder hammer and storm shield features a unique design. The Sergeant’s storm shield is unique being the largest provided.

Included are

  • 5 Crux Terminatus shoulder pads designed to fit on the left shoulders
  • 8 unique shoulder pads featuring Blood Angels iconography for the right shoulders.
  • 12 tilting plates can fit on the front of the shoulder pads
  • 4 torso fronts come with helmeted heads sculpted into them
  • 1 torso front has the option for one of the 5 spare heads provided in the set
  • a teleport homing device
  • 5 x 40mm round bases
  • 1 x 25mm round base.

One model can be assembled as the Company Standard bearer.

Please note that Games Workshop products cannot be sold to customers outside of the EU.

In-Store Price: £ 25.99


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