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Blood Bowl (English 2016 Edition)

Blood Bowl (English 2016 Edition)

Games Workshop

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Blood Bowl (English 2016 Edition)

Last released 15 years ago, this epic game is based on the idea of American Football matches in a fantasy setting. The game is incredibly fun with simple rules and played at a fast pace. It is a stand-alone board and miniatures game so has everything you need in the box it get started right away.

The box includes

  • 2 teams of 12 players (easy to assemble push-fit, coloured plastic miniatures)
  • 56 page rulebook
  • Double-sided fold-out card pitch
  • Two double-sided card dugouts
  • Two sets of special Blood Bowl dice
  • Plastic template set
  • Card deck (Special Play cards, four Star Player cards and player reference cards)
  • Decal sheet
  • Two double-sided rules reference sheets

 Unboxing video is here


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