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20-283  Electric Turntable

20-283 Electric Turntable

Kato N

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The Kato Turntable has a nice smooth rotating bridge which securely lines up with the exit roads. To opperate it you can either press the switch once to move to the next bay, or hold it across to continue to rotate the bed until you release the switch. The exit roads can be moved around the bed to suit your own positioning and are powered by the bridge itself which allows self isolating on the unused exit roads. The bed of the turntable is 160mm long which is ideal for European, American or British modellers as you can fit a nice long diesel or tender engine on the bridge with room to spare. The Turntable can also be used with DCC operation by using a few extra items and a few simple alterations. The best way to link the turntable to your DCC control is to connect the Table controller to the DCC system via the green controller socket. Once you have connected the Table controller you can then use the polarity switch to avoid short circuits, or you can use one of our DCC40 Auto Reverse Modules which would simplify the operation. The shed areas will need to be powered from your main running track if you are using DCC as you will need to isolate the exit roads from the main turntable. Eight isolating rail joiners are supplied but more can be purchased if required, this will avoid the risk of short circuits.A green to white connecting plug is supplied in the set but you will need to cut the white end off to connect it to your DCC module or main track. Please note: That if you are using the polarity switch method on DCC, the switch will not guarantee the direction of the locomotive as this is controlled by the DCC controller and the DCC decoder. Contents: 1x Turntable 1x Turntable Controller 1x Power Supply 4x Fitted Connecting Straight Track 1x Turntable Centre Brace 6x Bumper Track Bed 12x Bumper Track Rails 6x Half Unijoiner 2x Insulated Unijoiner 6x Insulated Half Unijoiner 1x Unijoiner Remover Tool 1x Controller Ribbon Cable1x JUMP Cable

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