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Lizardmen Bastiladon

Games Workshop

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The box contains the Lizardmen Bastiladon which can be built with either the Ark of Sotek on its back and accompanied by 4 Skinks armed with javelins or carrying the Solar Engine accompanied by 3 Skinks armed with javelins.

The Bastiladon carrying the Ark of Sotek has a unique horned helm with a spiked armour on its carapace. There are snakes which can be used to decorate the base.

The Bastiladon equiped with the Solar Engine has a glyph plate mounted on its head and armour sections covering its tail and front legs. One of the Skinks accompaning the Bastiladon is the gunner, while the other are along for the ride.

This multi-part plastic kit contains 83 components which are used to make either a Lizardmen Bastiladon with Solar Engine, or a Lizardmen Bastiladon with Ark of Sotek.

This kit comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly.ƒ??????

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