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Ork Nobz

Ork Nobz

Games Workshop

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This box set contains five multi-part plastic Ork Nobz.

This 104-piece set includes 10 head variations, 5 different torso-fronts and 5 body variations.’???????Allowing you to assemble and field’???????squad that looks that no other.

Provided in the set’???????are a range of weapon options including big choppas, power klaws, shoota/ rokkit kombi-weapons, a shoota/ skorcha kombi-weapon, sluggas and choppas.

There are a large selection’???????of additional components included so that’???????you to further customise your squad, including parts to upgrade your Nobz with Cybork bodies and a Grot ammo runt.

All the models are’???????supplied with 25mm round bases. The miniatures is supplied unpainted and requires assembly

Please note that Games Workshop products cannot be sold to customers outside of the EU.

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