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Guild Agamemnon Command/FAO Detachment

Guild Agamemnon Command/FAO Detachment

Steel Crown Productions

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The Legions use a vast array of intel gathering devices ranging from cameras and active sensors on individual battle suits and vehicles to Roc's and Satellites in orbit. Whilst their headquarters digests the majority of the information, Command tanks are often used in armoured or mechanised Centuri to provide a local node for intellegence gathering and distribution.

The Agamemnon is oft equipped with jamming equipment to provide misdirection or cloak existing units from the enemies sensor equipment. Whilst ineffective against direct line of sight, they come into there own when the enemy deploys indirect fire against them.

In addition they are often used to co-ordinate artillery strikes, even down to manipulating the distribution pattern of rockets or gun blasts to provide maximum damage or the optimal counter battery fire.

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