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Exodus Wars 6mm Rules

Exodus Wars Rulebook


Exodus Wars is a game for generals, for players who aren't content with controlling a handful of models. Exodus Wars is a game of sweeping conflict, of manoeuvre and tactics on a company scale. Exodus Wars allows you control hundreds of soldiers, squadrons of tanks, batteries of artillery, flights of aerospace assets and truly, massive vehicles.


Guild Legion Faction Book

Playing with a Guild Infantry Legion
An army from the Guild will be typified by small formations of professionally trained and highly mobile soldiers. An infantry legion will be comprised of mainly heavy infantry, these specialize in close assaults. The Line Legionnaires provide fantastic supporting fire whilst Assault Legionnaires are your melee specialists. Support Legionnaires are best used as anti-armour specialists or to provide suppression before your other legionnaires get in close.

Playing with a Guild Armoured Legion
If you take a list from the Guild Armoured Legion, then you will want to avoid close assaults like the plague until the enemy has been severely weakened. Guild armour is very weak in an assault but is highly mobile and well armoured. You will be spending the majority of your time outmaneuvering your opponent whilst keeping up a constant rain of incoming gauss shells.

As always balance is order of the day and just as having some armoured elements in your Infantry Legion will significantly improve their effectiveness having some infantry in your Armoured Legion will help mitigate their weakness in close assaults.


Royal Empire Marcovian Faction Book

Playing with a Royal Empire Infantry Regiment
Your first choice when playing with a Marcovian Infantry regiment is to decide whether you want a force led by the mighty Behemoths or the dauntless officers of the army. Whilst the Behemoths can provide heavy firepower along with their tactical abilities they are more frequently in the firing line. It is easier to hide away a Lieutenant Colonel in a rear formation than it is to conceal a Behemoth. The arrogance of the nobles means that if you do include ANY Behemoths then they will immediately assume command - irrelevant of whether they possess the highest Tactical Genius ability.

The ranks of the Imperial infantry form the perfect anvil to trap your opponent into position whilst your Squires provide the hammer to devastate them. It is important to remember that even though an infantry platoon has significant firepower they are best used as a tarpit. They lack the mobility to be used in true mobile warfare.