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Guild Apollo SPA Battery

Guild Apollo SPA Battery

Steel Crown Productions

  • £795

The Legions initially scorned the concept of a self propelled artillery piece. In the Tarragin Crusades they could always count on the fire support from orbiting stars, fighters or the massed rocket batteries kept well behind the lines. However, after many Legionnaires struggled to get fire support due to late or inadequate resource allocation, a decision was made to provide them with a mobile source of heavy fire support. After 7 years of development, M&M industries came up with the Apollo. A small quantity were made and employed against the Tarragin with great success. Later they were modified to be powerful enough to penetrate a Khazari kinetic barrier. They proved their worth in the Krondal IV campaign when Khazari AA proved to be impenetrable and star fighters were relegated to orbital patrol duties. They are now a permanent fixture in the Legion's motor pool.

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