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Guild Icharus SPAAG Battery

Guild Icharus SPAAG Battery

Steel Crown Productions

  • £795

The Krondal IV campaign taught the Guild many bitter lessons, notably that it had very little defence against Khazari rocket buggies. These proved almost impossible to track due to the Khazari ECCM's and the speed with, which they evaded counter artillery suppression fire. The only solution was to chase them with Prefect Bikers' Assault Legionnaires or to ensure they survived long enough to bring localised firepower to bear. With this in mind the Khazari tended to make the Guild artillery and fast attack units their first targets. In an attempt to buy time for the Guild units to do their job the SPAAG was born. Using twin chainguns firing explosive munitions and a powerful sensor matrix it tracks and shoots down any rockets within range. It has also been discovered, to the delight of the Legion Centurions, to be murderously effective against enemy infantry and droids.

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