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Guild Legionnaire Assault Centuria (2015)

Guild Legionnaire Assault Centuria (2015)

Steel Crown Productions

  • £1595

The Assault Centuri were originally designed for starship boarding actions but they soon proved their worth in city fights, being able to soar above the roof tops to attack the targets from above as the regular Legion Centuri stormed the ground floor. It wasn't until the Krondal IV invasion however, that they became a mainstream addition to the Guild's armed forces. The Khazari utilize high powered kinetic barriers that prevent fast moving projectiles from penetrating. Whilst the regular Centuri find their weapons ineffective, the Assault Centuri are able to move swiftly inside the barriers and engage from within using their pistols and assault weapons to deadly effect. The mobility the jet packs give them also makes them a much needed tactical asset on the battlefield, providing the Guild Commanders with tactical flexibility. Each Assault Centuria consists of 90??men, arranged into three squads of 30, the third squad being a trainee squad.

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