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Guild Legionnaire Centuria/ Support Centuria (2015)

Guild Legionnaire Centuria/ Support Centuria (2015)

Steel Crown Productions

  • £1595

The Legions are built to be flexible. Each legion is comprised of nine Centuria, each infantry Centuria containing ninety??legionnaires. The Centuri train, fight and live together, forming a highly developed bond. Each Centuria comprises two squads of regulars and a squad of trainees. The trainees train with the Centuria and over time are filtered into the regular squads as casualties dictate. In times of war the entire Centuria, including all three squads will take to the field.
Common legion equipment includes M3 Assault Rifles, M607 Light Repeating Lasers, M71 portable missile launcher, various grenades including Sonics, Incendiary, Smoke and Fragmentation.

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