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Guild Paris AP IFV Detachment

Guild Paris AP IFV Detachment

Steel Crown Productions

  • £695

The Guild Legionnaires are a well trained and professional fighting force. A direct measure of this is the sheer cost of replacing casualties. To assist the Legions against the Tarragin hordes the latest in a long line of IFVs was developed. Designed to coexist with the Gladius IFV the Paris IFV is slower but more heavily armoured. With a variety of weapons on its main turret including particle cannons for dealing with vehicles and kinetic cannons with explosive rounds for enemy infantry, it is an enemy's worst nightmare and a Legionnaire's best friend. Myrmidons are often deployed in them as line breakers. Small detachments of them are often incorporated into mechanised Centuri to provide the Gladius IFVs with additional AP support.

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