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Okami Technocracy Combine Ronin Support Rigs

Okami Technocracy Combine Ronin Support Rigs

Onslaught Miniatures

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Ronin Support Rigs are unmanned robotic fighting machines, controlled at some distance by the OTC Drone Controllers. Ronins provide heavy weapon support to any squad they are attached to, and are often accompanied by suplimental Scout Drones, which pick out and alert their controllers to high priority targets.
A Ronin Support Rig Unit contains a random assortment of 15 9mm Ronin Support Rig models 3 poses, and 10 Scout Drones single pose.
The Raiju Heavy Assault Rig is one of the more specialized Rigs used by the OTC. Armed with twin Rail Cannons and a pair of shoulder mounted anti-tank missile racks, a unit of Raiju Rigs can lay to waste entire squadrons of enemy tanks before they know what hit them.
A Raiju Heavy Assault Rig Unit contains 5 random Raiju Heavy Assault Rig models, 5 poses.

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