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Legion Terran Hybrid Abominations

Legion Terran Hybrid Abominations

Onslaught Miniatures

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When creating Terran Hybrid constructs, the Legion has discovered that each outcome is unpredictable, and sometimes goes horribly wrong. Most of these failed attempts are unable to function in any useful capacity and are destroyed. Some of these aberrations prove to be useful however, and are utilized by the Legion in war. The creatures known as Abominations by Terran forces are one such sub-species of Hybrid which are commonly encountered by enemies of the Legion.
Terran Hybrid Abominations show much more in common with Legion constructs than regular Hybrids, who in contrast tend to be more human-like. Abominations seem to show no interest in weaponry, preferring instead to tear their prey asunder with their pincers and claws. They are stronger and faster than normal Terran Hybrids, and nearly always feature more Legion construct features such as four arms, cloven hooves, and even vestigial tails.
Perhaps the most terrifying aspect of these abominations is their human-like personalities. While other Legion constructs kill with animal-like indifference, Abominations seem to take a sadistic pleasure in the pain they inflict on their enemies.
A Terran Hybrid Abominations Unit contains a random assortment of 25 6mm Terran Hybrid Abomination models, 5 poses.

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