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Cyberhadows Ordinance Conveyor

Cybershadows Heavy Conveyor

Troublemaker Games

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Should warfare become bogged down in trench warfare or urban combat, Cybershadows armies have a way to break the deadlock - the Heavy Ordinance Conveyor.

Easily configurable according to the needs of the specific battlefield it is deployed to by means of modular weapon choices, the Heavy Ordinance Conveyor's armament can be tailored to the requirements of the battleforce it is employed to support.

The Rocket Launcher can decimate entire square kilometres with smart munitions, the 300mm Howitzer can breach the strongest walls, Plasmic Dischargers can slice through the heaviest armour, and Beam Lasers can knock down the thickest of energy shields.

Cybershadows Heavy Ordinance Conveyors are metal "super heavy" scale models, come with 4x different weapons, and are 5.5cm long.

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