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What is Exodus Wars?
The Exodus Wars universe is set in the distant future. The feudal Royal Empire of Man, formed long ago as humanity spread far
and wide among the stars, is collapsing.

The Royal Empire once had a worthy goal, to see humans achieve Ascendancy unto godhood. This goal became known as the

The Cause had such momentum that it saw humanity spread throughout the galaxy; however, the good will in the human populace
built by the once-noble Cause has been squandered thanks to the aristocracy's greed and over-taxation.

The merchant class and those of a capitalist bent seceded with the planetary systems of the 13th Kingdom, and so the Guild was
founded as an independent state.

Such secessions represent the greatest threat to an empire, and so the Royal Empire of Man cracked down on the secessionists of
the Guild, starting a civil war that would define that period in history.

This period is the Royal Empire’s last gasps as it desperately tries to hold itself together is known as the Exodus Wars.

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Who are Steel Crown Productions?
Steel Crown Productions are a miniatures design company that was founded in 2005 with the creation of the Exodus Wars universe.
The company specialises in fine-detail models, and is renowned for being among the first indie miniatures producers to use the
latest 3D printing technologies for its 6mm and 28mm ranges.