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Guild Enforcer Urban Pacification Squadron MKI

Guild Enforcer Urban Pacification Squadron MKI

Steel Crown Productions

  • £1595

Some riots are beyond the capacity of, or would result in too high casualties for, the Prefects to contain alone. The Enforcer Urban Pacification Vehicle was designed specifically to cater for these events. Twice the size of the biggest tanks in the Guild arsenal it is a walking fortress. The very sight of it alone is enough to cause terror in the hearts of the staunchest opposition. Its main gun is designed to blast through the toughest walls and as such, it has an appropriate calibre. On the battlefield its armour is so thick that it can shrug off most shots, even those of the Khazari plasma cannons. Since its inception it has found its way into the arsenal of the Legions, providing a way of engaging even the toughest enemy forces. 3 Urban Pacification Vehicle Chassis, 3 Primary Gun Turrets, 12 Grenade Launcher Turrets, 12 Light Laser Emitter Turrets.

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