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Guild Prefect Precinct

Guild Prefect Precinct

Steel Crown Productions

  • £795

Internal security within the Guild is managed by the Prefects. They are harsh authoritarian regime that administers justice to the corporate workers and provides a first line of defence for their structures. The Prefects are given wide ranging powers. They have authority to do whatever it takes to keep the companies functioning at full profitability. Each Prefect Garrison is comprised of one or more Prefect Precincts. Each Prefect Precinct is comprised of up to 120 Prefects led by a Prefectus Praetorian. During riot control they advance in ranks, force shields at the front, shotguns behind. This formation allows both units to benefit from the shield's protection when under fire from the front. In battle against foes with artillery they are quite capable of operating out of formation to minimise the damage from area effect munitions.
The Prefects are equipped with the high powered M&M UrbanForce P1200 Power Shield, M&M P90 2EP Laser Pistol, M&M P10 Stun Tonfa, M&M X70 Stun Blade and the M28 Shotgun.

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