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Guild Shadow Knight Cell

Guild Shadow Knight Cell

Steel Crown Productions

  • £295

The Shadow Knights are a product of the BaraDyne Institute, a massive organisation specialising in infiltration, assassination and espionage. It rents out mission planning and tactical expertise, training facilities and of course its most famous product, the Shadow Knights. These are formed into cells, each cell having four units of five Shadow Knights each led by a Shadow Baron. Each cell operates independently, with none of the cells knowing the identity of any members within the other cells. The Shadow Knights are a sinister group. They have special visors which can change appearance instantly on the whim of the user. When they close in for the kill their visors take on a mirrored sheen. The last sight a victim sees is his own face reflected in the mask of his killer
The Shadow Knights use a mixture of weapons, high powered Gauss Rifles, Fusion PDW's, Submachine Guns, Laser Carbines, Grenades, Sniper Rifles, Force Swords, along with a full complement of grenades and evasion technology. They are equally capable of sniping enemy officers and engaging the enemy up close.

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