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Khazari Droid Controller

Khazari Droid Controller

Steel Crown Productions

  • £1495

The Khazari Droids form a massive part of there armies. Despite their advanced artificial intelligence, they still need a certain amount of remote assistance to help them see beyond mere localised threats. To help them get a more strategic picture and to increase there response times the Khazari employ huge floating mainframes. Heavily armed and armoured the Khazari Droid Controllers drift across the battlefield supplying electronic support to Droids engaging in combat. In general they manage to keep out of harms way, but occasionally, and not always by design they end up taking part in as well as controlling the conflict. To this end they have four turrets, each with three massive Plasma Cannons capable of laying down a withering bombardment and destroying infantry and armour alike. They utilise an enormous Kinetic Barrier to repulse enemy weapons fire, and heavy armour to deal with any shots that manage to pass through.

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