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Khazari Karnaks Droid Controller

Khazari Karnaks Droid Controller

Steel Crown Productions

  • £1595

During the Krondal IV incident Karnak was instrumental in repulsing the Guild invasion. Whilst he personally spent most of the war on the back of his bike, his clans Droid Controller was ever present assisting where ever the fighting was thickest. Like all Droid Controllers, Karnaks is heavily customised. Aside from it's terrifying decor, it also has a significantly different armament. Each of it's four turrets mount twin plasma cannons, rather than the usual trio of plasma cannons. This reduces the amount of cannon fire, but enables the weapons to fire for longer periods without needing to charge the capacitors. As a result it's ability to engage enemy starships and heavy armour/behemoths is significantly increased.

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