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Legion Terran Hybrid Destroyers

Legion Terran Hybrid Destroyers

Onslaught Miniatures

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Terran Hybrids that tend to be more human in their biological make-up are often more technologically gifted as well. These Hybrids have fewer Legion-like features, and are grouped together to form Destroyer squadrons which can utilize captured Terran heavy weaponry. These squads provide the Legion with much needed heavy firepower and anti-armor capabilities from a distance.
Terran Hybrid Destroyers remain a rare sight in Legion armies. Terran Hybrids which are more human, also show an increased sense of self-awareness and free will, and this has lead to desertions and other serious problems which the Legion will not tolerate. Any subject which shows any such problematic signs are discovered early in their development and are destroyed.
A Terran Hybrid Destroyers Unit contains a random assortment of 25 6mm Terran Hybrid Destroyers models, 5 poses.

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