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Legion Winged Stalkers

Legion Winged Stalkers

Onslaught Miniatures

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Among the endless types of battle constructs created by the Legion, the Winged Stalkers are the most numerous. These creatures swarm in clouds of living creatures thick enough to block out the sun, and act as terrifying shock troopers and scouts for the Legion forces.

While a single winged stalker is relatively easy to destroy, swarms of them pose a very serious threat to any force they are unleashed upon. Different swarms seem to act as a single organism - much like an ant colony or school of fish. It is unknown whether this behavior is purely instinctual, or if some sort of telepathy is utilized.

Winged stalkers have soft, pulpy bodies, wide heads, and long tails that end in stingers that deliver a mild neurotoxin, which can slow the senses of any creature stung, making them an easy target for the rest of the swarm. While they can barley manage an awkward gait on land, they are amazingly dexterous in the air, held aloft on massive insect-like wings.

Like many of the lesser constructs, Winged Stalkers are issued a short-ranged microwave emitter - a weapon that is extremely durable and easy to use, offering deadly results up close with little need for its user to aim.
A Winged Stalker Unit contains 25 Winged Stalker models, single pose.

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