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Royal Empire Heavy Weapons Platoon

Royal Empire Heavy Weapons Platoon

Steel Crown Productions

  • £295

What conscripts lack in technical ability they make up for with quantity. When additional firepower is required, the line will be stiffened by attaching heavy weapon platoons to a company. Heavy weapons vary from high calibre auto sluggers to anti-tank cannons.
A typical platoon will feature 6-8 pieces with supporting infantry.

Pack Contains:
20 Models (8 infantry variant 1, 4 infantry variant 2, 4 auto sluggers with operators, 4 anti-tank cannons with operators)

Pack Weight:
27.3 grams

Product Dimensions:
Infantry variant one: 6mm tall
Infantry variant two: 6mm tall
Auto slugger with operator: 5mm tall
Anti-tank cannon with operator: 5mm tall

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