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Onslaught Restock

Posted by Tom Webb on

The latest communication from the Steel Crown has us minions whacking up baggies onto the racks from Onslaught Miniatures. We've had a huge restock in and once we've put them all onto the racks we'll be doing a full stocktake so we can make our next order. We tend to have a rolling order system with Onslaught Miniatures, the second a shipment arrives, the next order goes out. This order will be for Stygians and a ton of the Sisterhood who have been coming off the racks at a meteoric rate.

The latest restock has filled our racks with:

  • Legion Gashers
  • Legion Overseers
  • Legion Prowlers
  • Legion Terran Hybrids
  • OTC Tengu Assault Rigs
  • OTC Neo Shinobi
  • OTC Neo Shinobi Snipers
  • OTC Ronin Support Rigs
  • OTC Raijin Grav Tanks
  • OTC Yomi Grav Tanks 

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