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Cybershadows got crabs!

Posted by Tom Webb on

Fresh from the forges of Troublemaker Games come the following treats:


Skinnerz New Releases

Skinnerz Ironclads

Skinnerz Flamer Vector Squadron

Skinnerz Micro Tank Platoon

Skinnerz Modular Flatbeds

Skinnerz Scout Helicopters

Skinnerz Tramplers


    Cybershadow New Releases

    Cybershadow Leviathan Stalker

    Cybershadow Leviathan Stalker Weapons Set A

    Cybershadow Leviathan Stalker Weapons Set B

    Cybershadow Warcrabs


      Novan New Releases

      Novan Marksman Squadron

      Novan Rorqual Squadron

      Novan Royal Marines

      Novan Winter Cavalry

      Novan Winter Infantry

      Novan Winter Infantry Specialists

      Novan Winter Royal Marines


      In total that is 26.7 kilos of heavy metal heading to the Steel Crown.

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        • cough I can neither confirm nor deny the above headline, but I will be seeking legal advice in the near future…..

          CyberShadow on

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